31 Weeks



Today is day 218 of being pregnant. In week 31.

62 days to go.

A lot of pounds gained. Lol. I kinda forgot where I started, I think I’m somewhere around +25

Owen is 16.25 inches, 3.3 pounds roughly. The size of four navel oranges.

Aversions: Anything that could give me heartburn

Cravings: Cookies. Blueberries.

Sleeping: Sleeping sucks. It’s mostly this whole hand falling asleep thing that’s killing me. It woke me up every hour last night, and I had to get up and walk around and move my arm around to wake my hand up. I tried every sleeping position I could think of and nothing stopped it. Add the heartburn and having to pee, and it comes down to not a whole lot of sleep.

Movements: I think Owen thinks he’s constantly on an episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”! haha. He’s moving and shakin’ all the time! A few nights ago I was finally positive that I was feeling hiccups. They are much different than what I expected, so it was hard to narrow that movement down. He moves a bunch after I eat. Lara got to witness it first hand on Friday.

Other stuff: Mike sprayed the nursery ceiling last night! Which means, tonight we can paint it…and then the plastic finally comes down!! This means I can start taping the walls for paint, washing and organizing clothes into drawers, hanging art work, etc!! 

We got our new couch too! The living room is still a disaster as we’re finishing up the nursery, but I promise to post before/after pics soon! 🙂  Yesterday we took out 4 full bags of trash, 1 full box of recycle, and a full trunk load to goodwill from organizing and cleaning out the house. Still lots of work to do, but it felt good and cleansing to get that out yesterday. I’m working on busting through as much yarn as I can so we have less to store. And don’t forget, if you want some Marin Made goodies of your own, you can still get 30% off at www.marin.etsy.com using coupon code BABYWREN {shameless plug, yes, but I need to make room!}

Marin Made Sale Continues!


If you haven’t checked it out already – you should head over to www.Marin.etsy.com! With baby on the way, I’m concentrating on busting through some of my yarn stash, and selling as much inventory as I can! We have to make some more room in the house!

I’m offering 30% off any items listed in the shop!!! Use the code “BABYWREN” at checkout to receive your discount!! This applies to all current stock, not custom orders.


27 Weeks


Today is day 191 of being pregnant. In week 27.

89 days to go.

15ish pounds gained.

Owen is 14.5 inches, 2 pounds roughly. The size of a cauliflower! (I don’t really know where the people that come up with these sizes buy their produce)

Aversions: None

Cravings: Iced tea and Iced tea lemonades

Sleeping: I’ve started sleeping through the whole night, not even waking up for potty breaks! I feel like I’m sleeping harder, so not remembering as many dreams. I’ve started to have my hand fall asleep while sleeping. Don’t know if it’s the way I’m sleeping, or the increased inflamation from pregnancy.

Movements: More and more moving. He seems to get shy when I want to show people his movements. But, he was definitely out partying with us on my birthday. Lara and Jessica both got a good feel of him shakin is groove thing!

Other stuff: I’m ready to have the baby here now. Being pregnant is exhuasting. It’s definitely exciting and cool, but I’m ready to trade it in for Owen.

Summer Sale

Hello my favorite readers! I wanted to let you all know that Marin Made is having a summer sale!!

You can save 20% on everything! Use the coupon code: SUMMER20 when checking out!


Treasury Tuesday

Today I felt like creating a new treasury – I love that on Etsy now you can just create one whenever you feel like it. You don’t have to stalk the treasury meter like a crazy person waiting for the number listed to drop under 333!

Today’s treasury was inspired by the lastest trend on the pages of Etsy: Mustaches! They seem to be everywhere – and aren’t just for men anymore! Check out the items I collected for Tuesday’s Treasury:


Leave a Treasury Comment so I know you were there ♥


A few months ago I discovered my love for things that are spicy. I never used to think I like spicy – but then some coworkers to me out for Pho. And with Pho comes Sriracha! Two days later – I ventured out on a limb and tried some spicy tuna rolls at sushi lunch! I still don’t like overly spicy things, but I’m definitely appreciating what spice can add to food.

After a few days of eating out to find some new spicy foods – I decided to head to the store and see if I could find some snacks with bite to keep at my desk. I picked up a few things includeing Wasabi Soy Sauce Almonds!  But, the best thing I found….was chocolate. Seattle Chocolate makes a “I ♥” bar. It’s dark chocolate with Red Hots hidden inside!! It satisfies my need for both deliciously dark and smooth chocolate AND the spicey!!

Seriously – You have to try this stuff. The first time I saw it the bars were on sale for $2/each. This week I had to fork over $3.49 for the delicious treat. The Seattle chocolates website carries them for $3. It’s a small bar that easily breaks into four peices. Have you tried it? What do you think?
Click here for Seattle Chocolate’s Site!

WordPress help?

I’m still pretty new to wordpress – blogger was blogging for dummies and easy to add things…I’m trying to figure out how to add the above button to my sidebar…anyone know how? It’s a big ol’ string of code…

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