my wrists hurt!

I’ve been knitting again like a fein. I decided I’m going to concentrate some time and effort into making a baby line. I started, and nearly finished, my first baby sweater! It’s an adorable little v-neck cable sweater vest. 🙂 It’s brown with cream trim on the bottom, neck and arm holes. It’s probably new born sized and just so stinkin adorable!

It’s been so much fun knitting with smaller needles too. I love how beautiful the stitching is with smaller needles! I finished the front and back of the sweater, but then had to put it down for a custom order of a 6mo old had and a 2 year old hat. Now, most of my “child sized” hats have been accidents. This time I actually followed a pattern for a 2 year old and ended up with hat big enough for my dad! So, that one will be listed soon, and I have adjust the pattern to hopefully come out a little smaller this time 🙂

With all this knitting my wrists are starting to whine at me. I think I need an ergonmic keyboard/mouse for work to relieve some of the stress. I’m really hoping this isn’t an early onset of carpotunnel (or however you spell it) I’m thinking of investing in a wrist brace for sleeping. I try to remember to stretch it out durring the day and take frequent stretch breaks when knitting or typing. But, the stuff that’s coming off my needles is just so cute, its hard to stop!! 🙂


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