Happy Birthday Grandma!!

My Grandma hit the big 75 yesterday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!! For her birthday, she emailed entries from my Great Grandma’s journal about her birth! I thought it was pretty cool…

Dear Marin,
I just thought this would be a fun thing to share with you on my 75th birthday.

My mother’s diary of brief notes begins with the January 3, 1924 entry “Went to Yakima to see Pavlova dance. Costumes and dancing wonderful.”

Many pages and some years later I found the following:
“October 22, 1933 – Pains started at about 5pm. We leave for the hospital about eleven. A terribly cold, windy and rainy night. Have a blowout about halfway to Bremerton, but we needn’t have been alarmed. Leif remains at the hospital with me.

October 23, – The hours drag into eternity. Tick, tick, tick. It won’t be until mid-morning anyway. No not ready. Be a luncheon party I guess. Tick, tick, tick! And Leif is beginning to look as haggard as I feel. Not yet? No perhaps a tea party. Better give her a little ether. Tick, tick, tick! Oh! How much longer. Surely soon. But the hours drag on. No supper party. Eight, nine, ten, eleven.

Oh God, I can’t go on! Stop it. Blinding, rending agony. 11:33. Blessed oblivion. 11:45. You have a little girl! Oh Leif I’m so tired! Sleep! Soul restoring sleep.
October 24-30, The days in the hospital are just like Xmas. Gifts and flowers and letters arrive day after day. It is quite thrilling. And I hardly realize the baby is really and truly an actuality, and mine! They say she’s a pretty baby.


Granny Janny


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  1. Jan
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 00:58:00

    Hi Marin, Thank you for this tribute. What fun to see it here. Love you lots, Grandma


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