friday feature: OzKnits!

Hooray it’s friday! 🙂

For all of you who know me, you know that yarn is one of my most favorite things on earth. I can’t get enough. If someone were to hand me a million dollars, the first thing I would do is go on a shopping spree of gorgeous hand spun hand dyed yarn. yummm. [ok, that’s a lie, I’d pay off my house, get a new car…then yarn 😉 ]

Which leads me conveniently to today’s featured seller Oz Knits.

Carrie, also known as Helen, is a member of the Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team and is the moderator of “The Golding Girls” forum on Raverly (devoted to the addicts of Golding drop spindles).

She spins primarily on spindles to have better control over the end result. I love dimension and texture and spin fibers that will knit up without the ho-hum of commercial yarns.

Be sure to check out her shop today for more great yarn!


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