Counting my steps

I’m so bad! I know, too long since the last update. Maybe it’s becuase I don’t have Tiara bugging me for new posts every day anymore 😉

Today is an un-craft related blog. They are starting an 8 week “fitness” program at our work right now. It’s a challenge to take 10,000 steps a day.

They are giving us pedometers next Wednesday to start officially tracking. I’m so anxious to get mine! They say the aveage office working only takes 2-3000 steps in a day, which if you’re on the low end, is less than a mile! So, with lack of the pedometer, I started trying to manually keep track. A little ocd, I know, but I’m really curious.

First…my stats…According the the program website based on information I put in about myself…

So, as you can see above to use walking as a weight loss program, I need to walk 14,256 steps, or 6.75 miles a day, to lose weight. Since I’m horrible at keeping on track with the gym…this might have to be the new thing I try. And, the whole step tracking and inputting it daily online and the little charts they spit out for you kind of make it more fun.

In lieu of the pedometer, I have tracked how many steps it takes to go round trip from my desk to fill my water bottle, to the restroom, and there is also a walk I take with co-workers that we approximated the steps based on distance.

So far, I’m up to 3225 steps! Not too bad for the average office worker 🙂 The walk is a tad over a mile, so hopefully we can get in a little more regular routine of taking that walk. And, I’m sure my little puppy wouldn’t mind going on a longer daily walk as well!

If you want to do it too, I’d love for you to post your progress in the comments! I think pedometers come pretty cheap…but I’m waiting til next weds since freeee is still better than pretty cheap 🙂


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