Friday Feature! Moonrover

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY!! It couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m exhausted and ready for the weekend! I worked on two custom orders this week (yay!) and started to clean my craft room. I even wrote up the design plans for a new shelving unit the bf is going to build for me! 🙂 But, now on to the good stuff…

Today I’m featuring Moonrover. Moonrover has many places in my favorite items list, and of course a spot on my favorite sellers list thanks to her DELICIOUS hand spun, hand dyed, hand carded yarn.

Moonrover loves trees, tree houses, reading, rain, imaginary worlds, moss, bread, science fiction/fantasy, historical fiction, ART, golf, spinning, squirrels, and everything green, grey & peacock blue.

From Moonrover, “Well, there is for sure going to be lots and lots of yarn!! Lately I have been spinning spinning SPINNING like crazy! There is just something so rewarding about creating *from a ball of fluff* a scrumptious springy hank of yarn that is beautiful and useful. I’d say that about 90% of my time is taken up with spinning but I do still occasionally create other things.”

Moonrover can be found on Etsy at Be sure to check her out and order some of her scrumptious yarn for your next project!


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