The accountant in me…

Some of you know, some of you don’t, I originally went to college for an Accounting degree. Somewhere along the line I decided that finance was actually where my heart was, so I switched. I’ve always had a passion and understanding for numbers. I like to run calculations, make spreadsheets, reconcile my checkbook…numbers make sence to me, so if I can numerically track things – I will!!

Which leads me to my latest listing on etsy! An Income and Expense Tracking Workbook!

I created 3 sheets into one book. One sheet for tracking Income from Etsy and show sales. One sheet for tracking Expenses, from shipping, to etsy billing, to supplies. And a final sheet for a basic Income and Expense Report. That takes all your Income numbers, all your expense numbers, and totals them to your Net Income!

You can easily track if you are ahead of the game, and see where your money is going to work on managing expenses! Availble for only $5 in my etsy shop!


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