Let them eat cake!

I love cake. Like really love cake. I could spend HOURS (and have) looking through google images or Flikr of decorated layer cakes. I envy people’s talent with fondant and royal icing.

I’ve done a few cakes here and there. Made an awesome cheeseburger cake for my boyfriend’s birthday a few years back. Made a Seahawks logo cake out of fondant. And most recently, told me friend that I woudl love to make her wedding cake next year!

So, she wanted a three tier square cake, with ribbon on each layer and fall flowers on top. Coincidentally, I found a 3 pan set on CLEARANCE at macy’s this weekend! It was only $12! so, I considered it fate and snatched it up. Of course I couldn’t very well sit around with new pans and not use them ….so….

VIOLA! A wedding cake 🙂 I’m not super pleased with the frosting, so if you have a good frosting recipe, you should definitely hook it up!

Mike decided the cake needed more flowers and leaves, so it finally ended up at this:

And, I’m not going to lie, that cake lasted as a finished peice all of five minutes before we dove into the first layer 🙂

The bride to be seems to like it 🙂 (amazing I believe is what she said) but, I have a feeling there will be a few more “rehearsals” before she says I do!


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