Pumpkin hats!

My dear and lovely friend Tiara asked me the other day for some baby stuff with a pumpkin theme for a friend of hers. I walked into my craft room the other day and the very first thing I saw was a skein of orange yarn sitting next to a skein of green. Fate. Right?

So, I grabbed them both, and a hook, and settled into the couch for a few hours…and out came (pardon the crapiness of the cell camera) this:

Too much! I’m so in love with baby sized items right now, I literally stood up and danced around with this hat on my hand…I think my dog and bf thought I was a little nuts…but how could you not get excited!!

This is the first of many to come…now I just need to convert the pattern to make one big enough for my head… 🙂


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