Catching up

I hope you all will forgive me for what a bad little blogger I’ve been lately. I know the last couple posts have started that way. I have been keeping busy, just not so good with keeping you up to date!!

I’m so so so inpsired right now! Fall does that though I think. Stormy windy days make snuggling on the couch in a fleece blanket with hooks or needles oh so inviting. Plus, the way my health has been lately, the couch or bed is a very comforting place :). The last couple weeks I’ve been scouring my books and the internet for Christmas present patterns. I’m very pleased with the results, and can’t wait to get working!

However, I do still have two shows coming up next month, so I’m going to try to put the Christmas things out of sight and out of mind until then! One show I’m gearing more to the adult crowd, I did the show two years ago, and there weren’t too many kids. Actually, I did really bad at that show, lol. I only had 2 sales (One was to my lovely grandma) and I did a trade with a neighboring vendor. I walked away discouraged, but have since changed my show game plan. Now I go and I stand the whole time, I smile at everyone and make small talk if they are close enough. I saw amazing results with this strategy last year. Granted, I’m exhausted by the end of the day – but it makes it all worht it.

Back on track – that show is mostly an adult crowd, I think. I’ve gained variety in that now I have men’s items as well, which I think gives me an edge in the craft show world. However, there were SEVERAL knitters and crocheters there two years ago, so I really have to work up some clever display ideas! Something to really drag people in. It would be fantastic to get a spot along a wall, so that I could really open up and use more space, but we’ll see.

The second show I’m doing is a week later in Queen Anne. It’s a show at a preschool. It’s kind of a whole holiday festival thing, with face painting, a bake sale, raffles, and other activities. Since the main purpose of the show is to raise funds for the school, I’m expecting lots and lots and lots of parents of children 2-5. So….I need to bulk up the shop for it!! I sent off all the ordered penguin hats, and and planning on working up at least 6-8 more for this show. I was also thinking of snowman beanies and little santa hats. Today, I’m going to sit down for a few hours with my scrap bin and try to work up a dozen or so kid’s sized newsboy hats. Ambitious, I know, but hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with a pic of the progress!!

In personal knitting news – I pulled out a seater that my mom got me to work on for Christmas two years ago. It was the biggest thing I’d ever taken on at the time. The pattern was thick reading for me, and I’m just not sure my technique (or attention span) was quite there. Last year, I worked up the whole back peice, then started on a sleeve, only to get frustrated and put it back away. I pulled it out a couple weeks ago and reviewed my work and the pattern. I worked both pockets, then started in on one side of the front peice…I knit about 6 inches into it, realized that the pattern I was knitting had a ribbed edge, then switched to garter stitch for the rest, looked at the picture, yup, that looks right, looked at the back peice that I spent hours on last year….CRAP!! I knit the WHOLE back peice in the ribbed pattern!!!! noooo!! It can’t be!! I was too broken hearted in the moment to rip it out. I think I’m going to work up the rest of the sweater, then go back and re-do the back, then assemble. It was so so so sad. I am hoping (time allowing) to have this done to wear for Christmas this year. But, like I said, big shows to get ready for and lots of presents to do…so it may be more of a Valentine’s day sweater when all is said and done!

I’ve enlisted the help of my sister to do some handsewing of the applique type things I made. She was down last weekend and while I worked on penguin hats, she sewed flowers to onsies. 🙂 I don’t have the patience to hand stitch, so I’m glad she’s here to help. Hopefully by the time the shows come, we’ll have 12-24 onsies done as well.

Ok, well, that’s a lot more typing then I normally do. I promise next time there will be pictures!!



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