hats hats everywhere!!

YAY! I kept my promise!! Blog today with pictures!!! 😀

Yesterday was a long long Friday at work. After work I met up with my daddy for an early dinner, he was passing through on his way back home. After that, it was home to the couch – watched the bf play some video games (the best time to get crocheting done!) and then we watched some Season 5 Desperate Housewives….

the result of my evening on the couch:

NINE new Newsboy hats for ages 2-5!!! That’s right, NINE! I just looked at the pile today and was like, holy cow, I’m a crocheting fool! Granted, it was a later evening than usual- but I was quite pleased with how much I got done!! And made a good dent in my half used skeins bin!! 🙂

All the while, this little angel kept trying to curl up on my lap – on the couch she’s not supposed to be on!

I’m still hoping to get about 11 more of these done by the end of the weekend. Then I might try to get a few more adult ones done as well. Busy Busy, I just can’t belive how quickly the November shows are approaching!!


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