Craft Show Pictures!

Ok, I know that this show was over a month ago – but I finally got the time to edit the pics and update the blog – so you’re just going to have to deal with it! ha!

This was the Friends and More Holiday Bazaar in Bothell, WA. This was my first show of the season. I was super excited for all my new items, my new display, my new show selling attitude!!

My sister was there to help me setup, bring me coffee, give me breaks, and then tear down and pack up! She was a GREAT help!

Here’s a great shot of my Six Foot Scarves with little Leroy the octopus on top!

My Sprinkles Button Pushpins…

And my Baby Onesies!!

Unfortunately this is the only show that I took pictures. This show at the time was my best show today, then passed by the one after that, and again by the last one I did!! I’ve been so blessed this year and have been learning so much at the shos! I’m excited with all the people I’ve met this year…and already have a list three times longer of shows for next year!!

Now….off to finish a few more custom orders – then I get to get my hands into some AMAZING handspun yarn to make some wrist warmers for myself!! 😀


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