Cleaning house

I’ve never really been much of a new years resolution person. I find it kind of silly to resolve to do one thing differently one time a year. I’ve always been good at setting goals for myself though, and usually New Years is the new and fresh list of goals. I suppose my “resolution” for the last five or so New Years has been to improve. Why continue to live life in the same way, why stay stagnant. Improving can be my attitude, my lifestyle, my financial situation, my job, or just being a little better of a person.

Yesterday I dragged my butt to the gym for the first time in months in order to improve my health. I’m not really looking to lose weight, just to have more energy and overall well being.

Last weekend, I cleaned up my studio. A clean room is a happy room, right? I’m not resolving that it’s going to stay that way all year…but having the clean space and being able to actually work in the room was motivating, and led to me being more productive in that day.

Today, I’m cleaning house virtually. I logged into my email this morning, as I do every morning, and deleted the typical 17 junk emails. Then I thought to myself…why the heck do I do this every single morning. I never read this crap…it just comes in as clutter and gets deleted. So, now as the morning junk email continues to roll in, I’m opening each one and unsubscribing.

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