care for a picnik?

I’m so so excited right now! I just discovered the site I have been using Picasa to edit my photos prior to posting. Don’t get me wrong, Picasa is a GREAT tool – but I was looking for more…the cool fading on the borders people do – putting pics in poloroid format…

I finally found a (mostly) free site that does it!

Here’s the original pic I played with – this is the finished product from Picasa:

Then, after literally 10 minutes on their site, uploading my pic and playing around with all the free features…I ended with this:

swoooon šŸ™‚

The cool thing about this site is it’s online and you don’t have to register, so you could just swoop in with a quick pic and be done. There is a premium membership for under $3 a month that opens up tons more stickers, frames, and editing options…but there are so so many available for free!

I highly recommend checking it out!! I’m going to start using picnik for editing my pictures for my Etsy site! Keep an eye out for the new photos!! šŸ˜€

ALSO!! ONE DAY LEFT TO ENTER MY BLOG CONTEST!!! Be sure to check out THIS POST to enter!!


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