So, I got a new computer…it makes it far to easy to get pictures off my camera and into cyber world. This means I should only have half the excuses I did before for not blogging more. Now I just need to learn to acutally take a pic when I’m thinking to myself, man that would make a great blog posting 🙂

Here’s a lovely picture of my baby piggy. (actually a bulldog in case I confused you). She is sportin her fleece lined raincoat, which was purchased from Etsy, but I’m at aloss for the link at the moment – maybe you can help me out mom?

I know, you’re thinking, what an ugly face! But how could you not fall in love with someone who will snuggle in bed with you like this:

Anyway, on an entirely differnt note…talk about a crazy weather month. I work in customer support so I talk to people all across the country all day. Crazy snow storms all over the East Coast – but here in WA, it feels like April already!! Drizzly days with fairly nice, not cold ones, in between. I must say, my internal calendar is a little thrown off. I keep feeling like it’s almost time to go camping – or it’s getting close to my birthday. HECK! Even the vegitation is confused up here – look what I spotteed on my way in the door today!!

So – an early happy spring to all of you 🙂


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