l♥vely m♥dels

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! I know it’s cheesy, but Valentines day is one of my favorite “holidays”. Now, before you go and start spewing out about how it’s all corporate and just designed to make people spend money which takes all the romance out of it blah blah blah – hear me out. My favorite color is pink, and I love pink red and purple together. I absolutley love fresh cut flowers and how they brighten up a room or a table. I’m a candy-aholic. So… pink+flowers+cadny(chocolate)=valentines day! Valentintes day was still my favorite when I was single! or rather, the day after when all the stuff went on sale and I could but twice as much! hehe.

So…onto more important things! Last weekend I was so lucky to do a photoshoot with four of the cutest little kiddies on the planet! And look at me, I kinda look like a real picture taker! 🙂

A family friend of ours had her little grand babies and grand neices over for the morning. We tried on hats and snapped away until Henry declared “ok, no more pictures” Now, after a week of editing and listing, I’m proud to introduce my newest Marin Made Models!





Check out these and more at marin.etsy.com!!

Enjoy the chocolate today! 😀


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