tea for two

Ok, really it’s just tea for one. 🙂 I just brewed a cup of Starbucks Passion Tea. I really really like the idea of tea – but I’m really bad about being a tea drinker. I like soft fruity teas, but I also have a hard time drinking things that don’t have strong flavor, and I feel like no matter how long I steep the tea for, it’s never “meaty” enough. I don’t like black or green teas. I much prefer white and red – especially when they mix the flavor with raspberry, peach, lavendar or something else yummy. Either way, tea realxes me, which I can really use this week.

I’m anticipating a stressful work week this week. My go to gal is on vacation this week, so I’m hoping that nothing I can’t handle on my own comes along. It’s stressful, becuase I don’t have anyone else to go to with questions or tough issues. but, I can do it! Her being on vacation is also necessitating some longer hours for me to make sure we’re covered in the afternoons. I’m usually off at 230, but for the next week, I’ll be here til 4. 6am to 4pm. long days. Of course, even with all the work and things to do… I can’t help but still daydream of beautiful things like this:

man- I wish I had the space at home to make a stash of that size!! I’ve still got myself on “yarn buying probation”. Need to work with the stuff I have on hand before I can buy more – and need to sell some more to make room and funds for purchasing said yarn 🙂

All weekend I worked on finishing up loose ends on my coffee cozies….now I need to go treat myself to a latte so that I have a cup to model them for me! But, before that I need to finishing editing the last few photos from my kids photoshoot and get them listed….I think that was convaluted “todo” list- maybe I should go actaully write on down…

Happy Monday!


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