100th post!

WOW!! I didn’t even see that one coming!! This is the 100th blog post to marinknits.blogspot.com!

I wish I had been paying attention and had something better planned for this milestone blog! All day today, I intended to come home from work and snap a shot of the “before” that is my studio at the moment. This would include the piles in my living room of totes and yarn and show supplies from this weekend. It would also include an overturned basket of hats that was spilled all over the floor. However….everything was in such disarray that I couldn’t even find my CAMERA! and the web cam just didn’t capture the full picture (plus, on my new computer, I have no idea how to just snap a single frame shot using the webcam)

So, I told myself – one hour, one hour of cleaning. I actually ended up kind of randomly bouncing all over the house. Picking up my closet, organizing the good will pile, a load of laundry, and the craft room. It’s still a disaster in there, but I would say only about half the disaster it was this morning. 🙂 I’m ultimately trying to rearrange, so that I can get my desk on a different wall to avoid the glare on my monitor from the window. I’m hoping to put my desk centered on the wall with those cubby shelves around it to hold the mountain of yarn that will be coming in later.

My order was roughly 420 skeins of yarn. lol. The whole process with this wholesale account is a little behind the times I feel. I actually have to fill out a purchase order and have them email me back my totals. I can’t just go in and click what I want and be done. It’s funny the things you take for granted in this day and age. Patience, I think, is something we could all use a little more practice with.

Anyway, happy milestone blog post to me! Happy half clean craft room! And tomorrow is Friday!! whoop!!


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