Keep your fingers crossed!

I just applied for the Urban Craft Uprising Summer show!! If accepted, this will be my biggest show ever! It will be the first time I’ve vended at a two day show, the first strictly jurried show I’ve applied for, the most expensive show…but hopefully it will also be the most successful!!

Urban Craft Uprising is one of Seattle’s premiere craft shows. They started out in 2004 with just a winter holiday show, last year they added a summer show. They have now built their attendence to over 8000 shoppers! You can check out more information about UCU on their website:

To apply you have to send in 5 photos for them to judge. It’s so hard to pick only 5 photos to sum up everything I do!! But, these are the five I narrowed it down to and sent:

They will not be announcing who is in until the end of April, so I know that’s a long time for you to keep your fingers crossed – but I certainly appreciate it! šŸ™‚

I think I’m finally ready for a show of this caliber. I applied for a small booth (10×5). If it goes well this summer and I have the stamina to do it again, I’m going to go for the funn 10×10 in the winter. It was hard not to jump straight to the 10×10, but seeing how my products more allign with winter, I thought it would be a better move to save a little on the fee this time around, and go all out in the winter.

Of course, when I do make it in, I expect you all to come shoppin!! šŸ™‚

In other news, I didn’t get any further this weekend in the cleaning/organizing of the craft room – but I did manage not to make it any messier!! So, I think that’s actually a big step! lol.

Happy Monday kids!


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