Duvall Days

WOW! What a weekend! It’s Tuesday and I’m still not fully recovered!! This weekend I drove out to Duvall and setup shop at Duvall Days. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. Which was wonderful for parade watching, but not so great for selling hats and scarves!
I didn’t do as well as I’d liked, but I did get to see lots of friends and family that came out, got to hang out with my sister all day, got to be outside enjoying the sunshine, it was fun šŸ™‚

My friend Alyssa came with her dad. They are both photographers, so snapped some shots of my booth for me!

It was my first time being outside. First time setting up a 10×10 booth. First time hauling out my new grid walls, hanging baskets and hat hooks….I think I did pretty good šŸ™‚
(PS- I’m sorry if this turns out looking weird, I’m playing with the new blogger for the first time, lol!)
Some funny things happened while at the festival. I guess I just wasn’t expecting the “real people” crowd – Since I’m used to the “craft show” crowd. I had one man ask me if “I had the t-shirts”…I blankly looked at him, searching my brain for the right answer, but all that came out was “no..?”. I think he was looking for actual Duvall Days tshirts. Another little child came stomping into my booth and looked up at me with her hand out – “Got anything for free in here”… again I searched my brain for the right thing to say…”want a piece of candy?”. Finally a man carrying a baby boy was looking at the booth next to me. Ducked his head under my tent and said “who has hats here?” …I proudly grabbed one of my little striped beanies and said “I do!” … he looked at me with that look I’d been giving everyone else and clarified – “I mean like some Mariner’s hats or something…”. No, I have no mass prodcued Mariner’s hats, no logo screen prints, and nothing but candy for free.
Here are some more pics that Lyss snapped for me. I’m excited to do another outside 10×10 setup, but I think that the “craft show” rather than the “town fair” is more of where I belong šŸ™‚

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