loose ends

I have decided to unofficially crown myself the queen of loose ends. I’m FANTASTIC  about jumping into a project with full momentum and bustin butt on it for a good while. Then, I take a break, or get stuck, or get tired…and a day, a week, a month later, it’s still sitting there unfinished. Neglected. Homeless. This happens A LOT with knitting projects. Off the top of my head I can think of 2 baby sweaters, a long duster sweater for me, 2 octopus plushies, and a whole box full of random odds and ends of projects.

One major project I’ve been working on is a blanket for Mr. Knits. I don’t even remember how the whole conversation started. I think it was one day when I was pattern browsing and found a sweater with a jolly roger on it. He loves the pirate stuff…so somehow we came up with the idea to do the jolly roger as a blanket square. I came up with a pattern for that in black and gray and alternated it with solid blocks of olive green. The blanket is big enough to cover a queen size bed. Mr. Knits was hoping for this for his birthday…his 2008 birthday. HAHA. okok, now that I’m done laughing…as you probably guessed…this went into the “unfinished” pile several times. Of couse, I never really considered it abandoned (which unfortunately is the status of at least half a dozen projects) and knowing that it was for him and he was excited about it was motivation to keep working on it. I just never realized how time consuming it was going to be!!

BUT, here we are, 2 years later, and it’s FINALLY ALMOST DONE!! WOO HOO!! All the squares were completed a few weeks ago. Then I began stitching them all together. Now, I’m working on weaving in all the loose ends (and there are several and a half) on the back and adding the borders. This is my LEAST favorite stage of the game…it already looks “complete” – you get the whole picture when you look at it. But, there are still a couple hours of work ahead of me. I like to see changes and completion.

But, his birthday is 42 days away, and I plan on having it wrapped and ready for him to open 🙂 And, since he never reads my blog, I’ll have pics posted when I’m alll the way done 🙂


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