I FINALLY finished the blanket!! Two years ago Mike told me he wanted a nice big thick warm blanket that he could curl up in on the couch. Something with skulls and crossbones, black and green. I worked up a little pattern and decided to do a checker board pattern so that there were several skulls.  

I do stay pretty busy with my business knit/crochet, so finding time and energy to squeeze in this ENORMOUS project was difficult.  But, at the last minute…and I mean VERY last minute….I finished the last stitch, wove in the ends, wrapped it in a box and set it on the table about 4 minutes before he walked in the door on his way home from work!! **phew!!** I REALLY had my doubts it would be done in time to be a birthday present!
wanna see?!?!
Yup, that’s his happy little face pokin up on the other side of it!  😀
I know a blanket like this would NEVER go in my shop – the yarn cost alone was about $300. But, I was thinking about writing up the pattern and selling that….what do you think?
Happy Birthday Baby!!! Welcome to the quarter century club!! I LOVE YOU!


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