Whirlwind November

I cannot believe how fast this month is FLYING by!! Our days have been filled with list making, venue visiting, budget crunching, and lots of discussing. I cannot believe it’s already a week to Thanksgiving!!

Last weekend I had my first show of the year. Needless to say, with all the excitement lately, I was not as prepared as I wanted to be. However, the show went pretty good! I did normal sales for me for that show and it gave me a change to reacquaint myself with other vendors I hadn’t seen in a year.

I have another show coming up this weekend. The Queen Anne Artists Trunk Show. Again, not as prepared as I’d like to be…but I left my car packed from last weekend to at least save on time walking back and forth to my car 🙂

A few custom orders have been rolling in as the holiday season starts, so I have been making some time for crafting 🙂

What I’m really itching to do lately is get my hands into some scrapbooking! With two besties having their weddings in the last 3 months there are a TON of amazing pictures that need homes on pretty pages.

But, before I can even start to drag all the scrapbooking supplies out of the depths of my craft room – my house in some serious need of a scrub down! Glimpse into my world – we’re currently keeping our bikes in our living room….right about where I’d like to put up my Christmas tree in 10 days…

As you can probably tell from reading this oh so scattered blog post…my thoughts are uncontainable lately. Bouncing all over the place with wedding ideas that it’s too early in my timeline to execute. It’s also a little hard to think of a summer wedding when it’s 43 degrees and pouring out side. I know it will all come together soon, sooner than I think, and the time will fly by.


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