These are a few of my favorite things

…and now I can find them all in one place without having to remember which computer I saved the image on, or which computer I marked it as a favorite on, or what blog I was reading about it on. I simply catalog my image under one of my categories. Then while browsing the loveliness I saved, click an image to go back to the website I found it on. Not only that, I can browse everyone else’s favorite images and find where they found them!! I know it sounds like HEAVEN….but now…Heaven really is a place on earth and that place is called…

Pinterest!! You Pin your Interest 🙂  So CUTE, So CLEVER!!

Here’s a shot of what I see when I log in…


This is a few of my pins and then some pins of other peoples boards that I’m following. I LOVE it!! I swoooon every time I log in – there are so many gorgeous images to browse and save – and you can always link back to wherever the image came from! So it’s a great way to discover new blogs or stores!!

Right now you have to request to join and you get put on a waiting list. I signed up a few weeks ago, and my wait for an invitation was only a week. I’m a huge fan, have I said that? If you do join – you should find me a follow me 🙂

Here’s the link directly to my boards: Don’t judge- they’re still a bit empty…but I’m finding new lovlies daily! If you join – comment back with your user name so I can follow you too!! Happy Pinning!!


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