Cake Class

For the last four weeks, I’ve been taking Wilton’s Basic Cake decorating classes at Michaels.

I’ve always always loved baking – I’m the first to offer to bring the cake/dessert to any gathering or party. Not to toot my own horm, but I think I’m pretty good at it! I love experimenting with new flavors and recipes, and taking recipes and making them my own! I’ve dabbled a bit in amature decorating – but it was always just kind of a trial be error process for me and I attempted to figure out which icing tips did what – and the right ratios for my frosting.

The cake class presented itself at the perfect time – it was heavily discounted, and started the weekend after I was looking into it! So – setting my anxiety aside, I signed up to take the class solo.

Our first week – we learned a lot about baking and icing recipies. Then we took our premade purchased Wilton Frosting and practiced using a star tip on cookies. The next week was dimensional cake frosting! I walked away with this cute little cake:

In week 3 we brought cupcakes – we practiced filling them and learned shaggy mums and a few other flowers. We also learned how to do the pretty cupcake swirl top. I forgot to take pictures last week 😦

This last weekend was our FINAL class! We had to come to class with our cake ready to decorate, so fully stacked and frosted. We learned how to do writing and basic roses. After lots of {frustrating} practicing of roses – we were ready to create our cakes! It was pretty much open to whatever you wanted to decorate. I wanted to incorporate as many methods that we learned as possible, so I did writing, roses, leaves, and a border with dot work above it!

I was really happy with how it tunred out! My writing was all the same size and on the same plane- with no spelling erros! … my roses transfered from their wax paper prep sheet to the cake without breaking or dropping…. pretty good for a first timer!

I’m sad this was the last class of the session – butter cream is a lot of fun for me, and I like sharing the results of my class 🙂  The next sessions on the block include flowers, fondant, and gumpaste {oh my!}. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until later in the summer to take them since our schedule is getting pretty full with upcoming wedding activities (8 weeks!! eek!!)

I’m excited to keep practicing all my new techniques on my own – I just have to find more excuses for cake!!


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