My Week~

Sorry for a lack of posts – it’s been busy…and getting busier!! 90 days to the BIG day!!


eating: too much cheese, too many peanut m&ms
drinking: smoothies! I think the sun coming out made me jump into summer mode – love me some smoothies!
watching: some bones – some nip/tuck
listening to: radio mostly
reading: nothing at the moment – waiting for my new books to come in the mail!
exercising: yesss! Just got home from turbo kickboxing – great sweat
doing: Lots and lots of wedding crafts!!!

Words to live by today:You Can

Lessons learned: If you’re going back and forth on something – just do it, you’ll be happy you did 🙂


My Week

My dear friend, and soon to officially be family, Marcelina has a blog of her own that I follow. On her blog, Country Cosmo, she writes about everything from her garden, to her singing life, to work, to recipes. One thing she’s done is a little weekly break down. So, taking a cue from her…here’s my week:

eating: extras! extra fruit, extra veggies
drinking: NO coffee, lots of fun new tea flavors
watching: Oprah, for some reason – it’s been an Oprah week
listening to: Shuffle – the ipod is so outdated, I can’t even describe to you what “random” means right now.
reading: JUST finished The Art of Racing in the Rain – looking for a new book to start!
exercising: Yes! Two “runs” this week!
doing: sleeping. Been going to bed early to try and catch up.

Words to live by today: just breathe

Lessons learned: You cannot control everything all the time. Take a deep breath and move on to something else.


Challenge: GO TEAM!

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. I keep coming to my blog dashboard and staring and that blinking cursor with nothing to say. I’ve picked up and started about 14 projects in the last month that are all sitting together unfinished and lonely.

Anyone feeling the same?! Maybe it’s these lingering grey skies. Maybe it’s that the “holiday rush” is over and I’m now left to my own knitting devices. Either way, I’m thinking I need a little spice this week…So, I’m posing a challenge!

My Challenge to you and your creativity this week is GO TEAM! I’m going to leave this loose and open to however you want to interpret this. AND open to any craft! (knitting, drawing, photography, glass, jewelry, WHATEVER!)

So…send me a picture of your project this week matching the theme “GO TEAM!” Send them to my by Friday at: . I will post them to my blog this weekend, along with my project!!


Coffee Cozie Pattern!! Now for sale!

I’m so excited about pattern writing lately!!

I’ve just finished and listed my second Marin Made pattern….the Crochet Coffee Cozie!

Pick up yours today!  Click HERE for the listing!

Crocheting your own coffee cozie, or picking up a pre-made one in my Etsy Shop, is a GREAT way to do your part daily in a fight to reduce unnecessary waste!! Replace that cardboard sleeve on your morning coffee with one of these. They’re WAY cuter than the plain cardboard and you’re doing your part to save a tree!

Celebrating my first pattern!


I just finished writing and POSTING my first pattern on Etsy!!!

It’s my oh so popular Penguin Hat!

That’s the link!! Go check it out!!


…I’m going back to my happy dance!

12 Days of Christmas: day 3

See?! I shouldn’t promise things like daily blog posts when I know how busy I am!! 🙂

Today I’m feeling like a cold is approaching. My favorite way to feel better is to snuggle up in a big comforter on the couch, watch a TV show series on DVD and sip some warm comforting tea! And thus the inspiration for Day 3’s pair!

Organic Tea of Love, Rose and Lavendar


Brew a cup of this delicious tea and slip your cup into one of these Coffee Cozies!


In other news – I started wedding dress shopping last night! It was a fun experience, but I’m starting to think this is going to be a more difficult decision than anticipated.

12 Days Of Christmas

What a fun filled amazing weekend that was!! Celebrating birthdays, seeing so many friends, my parents arrived back in town for the holidays, got to see my sister’s work for the first time, saw all our engagement pictures… So many fun great things!! Every free minute I had was spent chipping away at my Custom Order list!! It was quite the list, but I’ve got it down to the last few now….so hopefully as I go into dress shopping this week, I won’t have to be knitting while trying on! 😉

So, now that there are 12 days left before Christmas, I’d thought I’d do a little 12 days of Christmas blog posting – although, I cannot guarantee that I make it through all 12 – I will try!

DAY ONE – Pea Coat cowl combo!

I found this fantastic full length pea coat while browning the vintage section on Etsy! Brought to you by HotVintage:

This would be perfectly paired with the Marin Made Chunky Crochet Cowl in Dark Red…

New Heights!

As many of you Etsians probably do, I check my page analystics frequently. It’s usually just out of curiosity and because it’s so readily available. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to devote to my shop to get as in depth as tracking trends and all the other fun stuff you can do with analytics.

Yesterday, I was featured in an article online!! This was <and still is > exciting is so many ways!! Not only did I get to brag and show off my new “celebrity status” a little, but it alway sky rocketed my page views!!

From a measly 17 page view on the 5th to 1537 on the 8th!! AMAZING!! Thanks to everyone for going and checking out the article!! Keep spreading the link love!! And of course, if you still have shopping to do:

In the News!!

So, a while back I was contacted through Etsy by a writer for an online Seattle newspaper, NW Source. She was writing an article on local handmade winter wear, and asked if I’d be interested in participating. OF COURSE!! The interview was a lot of fun and I got to do a bit of self reflecting.

Today, that article is finally published!!

Via, written by Andrea Delimont Dashiell:

As temperatures drop, it’s time to hunt down the perfect keep-you-warm wintertime accessories, and for unique hand-knit and crocheted items, there’s no place like

The online marketplace for handmade goods has grown steadily in the five years since its launch, and with the Shop Local feature, it’s easy to find talented artisans who are close to home. For cozy knits, check out the online shops of these local Etsy sellers:

Marin Sevy: Color junkie Marin Sevy admits her main inspiration for new pieces comes from spotting yarn in an amazing hue (and then happily bringing it home). The love of color is certainly evident in Sevy’s Etsy shop, Marin Made. The 27-year-old Kirkland-based crafter has a shop full of chunky cowl scarves, beanie hats for men, and other knit and crocheted items (including some for children) in rich colors from mustard and pumpkin to radiant red. On our wish list for this season is the trendy crocheted Newsboy Hat ($24), which is made to order and available in 37 colors.

There are interviews by other local artists as well. Please check it out if you have some time!!

Click HERE for the article!!


Three of my favorite words: WIN FREE STUFF!!

This holiday season, I’m giving away 2 -$50 shopping sprees to Marin Made!! You can use the credit towards anything at!

To enter:

Head on over to my FACEBOOK FANPAGE!!

Check out the wall post marked “~♥~Whats Your Christmas Wish?~♥~. Tell me what your holiday wish is! Get your friends and family to come and “like” your comment. The comment with the most likes WINS one $50 credit. My favorite holiday wish will receive the second $50 credit!!

Contest ends Friday at 5pst!!


Good luck, and Happy Holidays!!

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